How to set up a Mumble server

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1) ensure you are up to date.
sudo apt install update && sudo apt upgrade -y

2) Install mumble-server.
sudo apt install mumble-server

3) Start the server in order to generate the configuration file.
sudo service mumble-server start

4) edit the configuration file.
sudo nano /etc/mumble-server.ini

Settings you may wish to change include;
- welcometext="<br />you'll see this message when you join the server"
- port=64738. You may wish to use a different port than the default, but clients will need to specify this.
- serverpassword=password here If you want clients to join using a password, otherwise leave blank
- bandwidth=320000 You may wish to increase the bandwidth from the default, if you notice audio quality issues. Maximum is 96kbps per user (plus overhead), enforced client-side.
- users=8 How many clients are allowed to join at once. Useful for servers with lots of members.
- messageburst=25 and messagelimit=5 Limit rapid-fire messages. Can be used to enforce a 'slow-mode' on busy servers.
- allowping=true Allow clients to see server details, such as number of currently connected members and maximum audio bandwidth.

Most other settings can be left at defaults. Refer to the documentation if you wish to experiment.

5) Restart the server to apply the changes.
sudo service mumble-server restart

Any time you want to change your settings, repeat steps 4 and 5. Note that restarting will kick any currently connected clients (though they automatically rejoin if they have enabled the setting on their client).