How to boot computers over a network with WakeOnLAN

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1) Enable WakeOnLan in the BIOS of the computer you want to boot remotely. On some ASUS boards this may be called 'wake over PCI'. Googling 'wake on LAN + motherboard manufacturer' should return instructions if you can't find it.

2) Find the MAC address of the network adaptor
- Windows: open CMD and run ipconfig /all (you'll need to replace the dashes in the MAC address with colons)
- Linux: run ifconfig | grep ether

3) On the linux computer you'll use to boot the other computer, install etherwake. This is a program that can send 'magic packets'.
sudo apt install etherwake

4) To boot the other computer, run sudo etherwake followed by the MAC of the target computer. For example, sudo etherwake DC:A6:34:47:9C:9D.
Etherwake must be run using root priveleges.

5) If you want to schedule running etherwake, you can use cron. As etherwake needs to be run as root, do this under the root crontab.
sudo crontab -e

To run it at 10:30AM every day, the command should look something like this;

10 30 * * * etherwake DC:A6:34:47:9C:9D